Welcome FreeGivers

Welcome FreeGivers All,

Everyone has something to give and contribute to the greater good of all in times of need.

Worldwide hurricanes, fires and earthquakes have created Climate Refugees.

Hurricane Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm on 8/27/17 so residents of 39 Counties around Houston sheltered in place when the storm hit. This storm was like no other in recorded history in that it dumped 50″ of cold, heavy, relentless rain in less than 4 hours beginning at 2 am in the darkest of night.

Thousands upon thousands of people had to flee into the dark, cold waters and were rescued by civilians in their own boats from as far away as Mississippi, Arizona, Louisiana and Utah to save lives. Then officials, after the storm had subsided, opened the dams above residents and flooded them again.

Now, weeks later, and off the radar screen of mainstream and alternative news sites, these people are left on their own with no help whatsoever.

Huge relief agencies, like FEMA and Red Cross are not to be found. Red Cross has taken in more than $300 MILLION dollars yet after three days visiting and touring the devastated areas of Houston, I could not find one person who had received the $400 per household, Red Cross said it would deliver to the victims.

Freegive.me is an idea that everyday people can help those directly if they knew who to contact, where, what and how to give directly to those who need it most if they could.

I spent three days setting up contacts to help distribute to victims of Hurricane Harvey as start. Others are setting up direct contacts as well.

Shortly we will have a needs list and direct to bank funding so you can donate directly.

Freegive.me will try its best to deal directly with those that need it.

Our site is being set up now.

I can be reached at hhhelpandassisance@gmail.com.

What do you have, and what can you give to those who need it the most?





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