Victims Comments 9.28.17

Marcela273Z 2 hours ago · Automatically held
I live in Houston and my house got flooded and lost everything. They released water from the Addicks and also the Barker dams on Monday August 28, 2017 and my house got flooded on Tuesday August 29. The water rose very fast and we had to leave on a boat with the help of volunteers. I’m still waiting for Fema to call for and inspection of my destroyed home, before they release any funds. The release of the water from those 2 dams is what caused the flooding in Houston.
Brooke M. 7 minutes ago · Automatically held
My family lives in a nice older neighborhood and their house got completely ruined from the dam and they didn’t know home insurance did not cover flood insurance. So they lost everything also they all lost their cars. Now my aunt has a rash all over her face. My family is now with other family members but they were sent to a high school not to fema.

My Heart chaukra is throbbing as I watch this. My Mission is Urgent, Light workers are energetically supporting all who are struggling. I got room for Four in Sally Oregon

Dorene Ernst 14 minutes ago (edited) · Automatically held

Why are they making it so difficult for these poor people?! If you look at a video “my time in hurricane harvey” you can see that they didn’t notify people in a timely manner. I commented earlier but it isn’t showing so I apologize if you see this twice. Regular people helped each other, the Cajun Navy was a huge part of the rescues. I don’t get where the officials were. Please watch the video above. Thank you
Yi Xi 16 minutes ago · Automatically held
I’ve lived in a house with mold & I almost died. Doctors don’t understand mold symptoms & blame it on other things. Insurance does not cover mold. These poor people will suffer greatly.
Jeani Bess 17 minutes ago · Automatically held

Yes, they are all being denied the $400 that was stated would be given by Red Cross. $300 million donated and no one that is in the qualified counties that “their” own representative stated in interview on TV is receiving the $400 dollars for “immediate” incidentals. I applied after hearing people in need were being denied. I am in a qualified county however I was denied and so I started to send inquiry back to them to begin to find out the “reason or excuse” they have. Please post these denials on your social media. They (Red Cross) Rep in interview that is in the video from alplanetruth to prove what was the qualification to receive even that minuscule amount. I had planned if I was approved to take the 400 and turn around to give back to those in need directly but I too was denied. The Red Cross needs to either BEGIN TO DISTRUBUTE the $300 million donated specifically to these victims or to RETURN DONATIONS back to the donors. Please post and post and complain in their website, call them. Do not just blow these denials off because you think 400 bucks is not worth it. Yes, it’s a pain but that is what they count on to get away with it. Expose them to find out where the donated money disappeared to

SavedbyGrace 19 minutes ago · Automatically held …thank u! My heart goes out to this lady n all who are overwhelmed…i wish I had money to help..or myself to physically do something to do…i feel mountains are small compared…i pray for strength and a sound mind in all…;
Yeah I got denied by the Red Cross and I went through it with my neighbors. I had an upstairs apt so I didn’t lose my apt. But everyone downstairs had to move. So much destruction and lives devistated . Lost my vehicle that night it rained very hard and they opened the dam out here. All I can say is agenda 21 in action
Lisa Ferguson 10 hours ago · Automatically held
My children are at risk whether I speak out or not; by staying silent, they are doomed. So, thank you for all that you do, from the bottom of my heart. Presentation is everything, news I can use. 💜💜💜

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