How Can I Help ?

Welcome FreeGivers All,

Everyone has something to give and contribute to the greater good of all in times of need. However, agencies entrusted with funds to help those that need it the most are failing miserably and victims, evacuees, and now Climate refugees in the US are being forgotten. is an idea that everyday people can help those directly if they knew who to contact, where, what and how to give directly to those who need it most if they could.

I spent three days setting up contacts to help distribute to victims of Hurricane Harvey as start. Shortly we will have a needs list and direct to bank funding so now outside agencies like GoFundme will profit so handsomely (8%) at the expense of those in such dire needs.

Red Cross has taken in well  over $300 million dollars yet for three days I saw one van giving out free bottled water. That’s it. FEMA was completely MIA to a victim’s story. will try its best to deal directly with those that need it.

Our site is being set up now.

I can be reached at

What do you have to give?